Game of Thrones

Hello everybody!!!!

It’s been a while since i last posted something but i am working like crazy these days. So, today that i had my day off i decided to go for a walk with my friends.

Since it’s game of thrones season , loved the three first episodes and i’m thirsty for more by the way, we went to a little local shop which makes the best cakes in all the town!

The shop is called “Cap Cap” and it is a magic land!The owners of the shop transform it based on the fairy tale theme they choose.

This month’s theme of course : Game of Thrones!

Boy, do i loooove it! The decoration are little pieces of art. From the huge dragon hanging from the ceiling to the mighty iron throne i couldn’t bring my self to choose what was my favorite.


This year’s iron throne was based in the books while in the iron Throne of the series sat the king of the white walkers!


The menus are inspired by the royal houses of the Westeros, the main characters and phrases we’ll never forget like “the north remembers” or “Dracarys”.

I, my self, had a splendid piece of cake called “The House of Black and White” and it was Completely amazing!!

It was a magical night out, literally. if only i could take the iron throne for my living room!!

Enjoy the photos guys!! Till next time xxx