Mommy and me!

Ok girls i need your opinion on this one!

As i was browsing through Instagram and Pinterest i saw lots of mums wearing the same clothes as their daughters. It’s so cute!!!

i mean look at them!



I mean come on they are too lovely!! i absolutely adore it and i hope one day i could dress my daughter just like me. My boyfriend though thinks it’s a bit stupid and he doesn’t like it at all.

What do you think about it? Do you like it or do you disagree?

Will you go for it?

Comment below and let me know what do you think.




Good morning people!!!!

Rise and shine everybody!!!! it’s 7:35 am here in Greece and i would like to wish to you to have a happy day!

It’s a bit cloudy here so it doesn’t seem to me like spring season is here. Today i’m not working but i have some unfinished business with a few banks and public services. So i would really love to wear a very comfortable sweatpants and a hoodie.

Like this:


By the way did you know that gold and silver are in fashion on shoes this spring??

Well, i didn’t but it was love at the first sight so i bought them any way even when my boyfriend called them tacky. but what does he know, right??

With that outfit i would make some boxer braids to match the mood (for those of you that don’t know what boxer braids are i will make later this week a tutorial on how to make them, stay tuned to see it!!) .

As for my make up i would choose a matte foundation from KIKO cosmetics, a really beautiful pink blush, some mascara with a hint o black eye pencil in my inner line. Very discreet, nothing much just to make my eyes noticeable. it’s too early in the morning to put on lipstick so i would choose a lip pencil again from KIKO. It’s the Smart lip pensil 711 for those of you that want to check it out. It’s a really great shade kind of pink-mauve-ish. I haven’t shown you that one yet but here is a link to see  what i’m talking about.

But i have a business meeting later today so even though it would be great to wear those comfortable clothes it’s really not an option for me. Probably i would go with a pair of black pants, flats with straps around the ankles (very instyle!) and a blazer to go with everything else!!

I better get goin’ though. that’s all for now girls!!!  feel free to comment and let me know what you wore and/or like to wear today!!

See you at the next post and have a fabulous day!!!!


New Found

222 Paris Creteil websiteOK, so i was talking with a friend of mine about low cost solutions in women’s products (cosmetics, treatments and stuff) and she told me about this gorgeous store in London, Primark.

Every item they have in that store is low cost but of course they don’t have an online shop so we can buy the pieces we want. Well, i did some kind of research and i saw that i can find some stuff in Ebay in the same prices.

So check out the Primark catalog online here or here and see what you would like. then search those items on eBay by their names or just typing primark like this. You can also find some products in Asos and of course our  lovely Amazon.

Shop away my friends, especially you in US that you love Primark and cannot have it.

Ladies join up in the war of low costs and may the win be with us!!!

PS: If anyone of you have another way of finding primark products online feel there to comment and inform us!!