Body cream BEAUTY LINE 200ml with berries

Body cream with berries smell in plastic vase. It gives the skin the moisture that needs and hydrates it so the skin looks and feels soft. It is absorbed really quick,doesn’t feel sticky and stays on skin all day long. You can have it in five different smells.

A really good and economic Greek company.




Editor’s choice

Good morning people!!! Another boring-ish Monday has come!!! Let’s make it colorfull!
So Beauty Line cosmetics is a greek cosmetics company ,as i learn today, and really cheap. The products have a very good quality compared to the prices.
My personal favorite is the matte lipgross. It is so cream and light at the same time. It’s long lasting and you can drink or eat without worries.
What i love the most about it is the totally and completely matte finish! It looks like you’ve put on lipstick or lip pencil. No shimmer at all whatsover! Just matte dry looking gorgeous lips!!
So far i purchased 3 shades of this lipgloss but i am going for the whole palette!!
Hope you like it!


If the official company online shop doesn’t ship to your country you can always try to find it on ebay or amazon! If you are having trouble finding it just comment down below and we will find it for you!