Let’s talk about dreams….

Every morning I go to work I pass by this beautiful two store house with a wide terrace and a very flowery small garden. Well, every morning I say to myself (and i truly believe it!) that some day that house will be mine.




Looks great, right? My god you cannot imagine how much i like it and i want it!!
It’s not like winning the lottery (another kind of crazy dream!) but it gives me motive to do whatever it takes to get this house!
We all have dreams like that, sometimes even bigger and if I may the bigger the better!!

Some say that if you believe something hard enough at some point it will come true. I sure hope so!! Pray for my sake as well!
That will be my house one day!!

So what about your dreams?? What do you want the most?? Besides lottery of course…
Let me know in the comments below.
Bye for now guys!!!

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