Lazy Sunday!!

Hello people!!

what’s up??? Today it’s a lazy Sunday, one of those days that you literally don’t want to move from your bed. Just lay there all day long!

But unfortunately i have to do some house cleaning because Subaru’s hair is all over the place! Subaru is my beautiful cat, my baby boy that makes my house looks so hairy and dirty.

Yeah, i know it’s sounds awful but those of you that have pets will understand. No matter what our pets do we will never stop loving them. How could we?

I took my baby boy when we was only 40 days old. i saw him grow day after day. When he was little he used to climb to my chest and curl there with his face buried in my neck and purred all day long. Sometime he would lick me as a sign of his love and after an hour or so he would fall asleep right there.

I loved those days so much!! Now that he is bigger( and way fatter, my little bear!) doesn’t do that as much, he likes to be alone when he sleeps in his bed or once in a while he curls close to my legs in the bed.

Take a look at him..



That’s my little cutie pie!!!

Let me know on the comments below about your pets. If you liked it press the like button and follow for more blogs!!!

Have fun guys!!

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