New Found

222 Paris Creteil websiteOK, so i was talking with a friend of mine about low cost solutions in women’s products (cosmetics, treatments and stuff) and she told me about this gorgeous store in London, Primark.

Every item they have in that store is low cost but of course they don’t have an online shop so we can buy the pieces we want. Well, i did some kind of research and i saw that i can find some stuff in Ebay in the same prices.

So check out the Primark catalog online here or here and see what you would like. then search those items on eBay by their names or just typing primark like this. You can also find some products in Asos and of course our  lovely Amazon.

Shop away my friends, especially you in US that you love Primark and cannot have it.

Ladies join up in the war of low costs and may the win be with us!!!

PS: If anyone of you have another way of finding primark products online feel there to comment and inform us!!

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